Sharon Postel, Esquire, Senior Special Projects Advisor


Sharon Postel, Esquire, CHCI Senior Special Projects Advisor, is EXEC’s seasoned healthcare strategic planning and grants management professional who has extensive experience in healthcare planning and development having served on a local Health Systems Agency (HSA) for years and taking PL 93-641, the National Health Planning and Resources Development Act and utilizing it for clients relative to FQHC/Look-Alike and Ryan White program development.  Ms Postel works for CHCI on hospital/health system and home health agency acquisition, transition, conversion projects, along with being a chief architect for the firm relative to FQHC development projects, including, but not limited to New Access Point, Look-Alike, Service Area Competition, Change in Scope, Healthy Start, and Ryan White applications and grants management, including Implementation Planning. She was recently instrumental in having a community health center approved in a highly competitive urban area of which the local, community hospital “closed its doors” and currently is involved in Implementation Planning.  Her involvement includes strategic planning and board retreats as well. Sharon’s extensive expertise and expertise relative to Ryan White funding and grants management, HIV/AIDS product line commencement and implementation, and Healthy Start program development is utilized by CHCI with positive grant funding and other end results for our clients. 

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